How technology has transformed Field Service Management

How technology has transformed Field Service Management

Before technological advancement, businesses which have components of field service spent much time relaying information from the field to the office. There was the need to have extra personnel to follow up what was happening in the field then go back to the office to relay and file all the information. There were delays in the issuance of invoices and receipts. Personnel had to collect data from the field then go and use the computers in the office. Today, mobile devices and mobile apps have made field service management easier. The technology available allows for real-time relaying of information. By utilizing the available technology, businesses have reduced margins of errors and operating costs. Fast decision making has also been made possible.

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In this article, Leah Readings discusses how technology is shaping field service business.

Technologies that are changing field service management

“Odds are you’re carrying one of the most powerful computers in history in your pocket. Something that used to fill massive rooms can now be held in your hand and carried almost anywhere, and this technological advance is having profound effects on our everyday lives; from how we communicate to how we do business.” Read more here

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made field service easier. They are light yet have properties which make it easy to relay real time information to clients and to the office. Rugged tablets have added protective features such as drop and water resistance. They are perfect for workstations where accidents are prone. Mobile printers have made it easier for businesses to print invoices and issue receipts even from the field. This saves the business time and improves efficiency. There is a constant change in software development. The changes have made it easier for businesses to operate remotely yet make real-time decisions irrespective of geographical location.

In this article, Amit Tiwari discusses the importance of technology in field service as well as the future of technology in this industry.

Aspects of technological advancement which have made field service more accessible

“The Jetsons is a futuristic cartoon series that used to air in the 1960s. The Jetson Sci-Fi city featured flying cars, holograms, and robots. In the show, the Jetsons used Artificial Intelligence before we ever imagined its existence and communicated through video chat. No one expected the future to look like that back then. Even now, some of us are still skeptical about some of these things. But the Jetsons, as it turns out, weren’t too far off.” Read more here

Keeping track of inventory from afar can be difficult. Failure to follow up on how materials are being utilized, especially for businesses in the construction industry, has led to losses, client disappointment and unexpected increase in costs. Inaccurate data has led to client dissatisfaction and damages to the business. Technology has made it possible for companies to keep track of inventory and make orders early enough to ensure work proceeds as scheduled. The use of cloud services to store extensive data has also helped improve the central availability of information to the concerned parties. The security of data is also guaranteed.

Danny Wong, in this article, gives a detailed account of the importance of field service management and why businesses need to invest in technology to improve efficiency.

Importance of focusing on field service management

“For most organizations, efficiently managing a team of service technicians is one of the most operationally complex tasks. Because it involves so many variables, which until recently had to be logged, monitored, and controlled by human labor, it took a significant amount of time and precision to keep track of all the unpredictable changes that could occur at any time.” Read more here

Relying only on personnel to monitor happenings in the field has its limitations. There is room for human error, intentional and unintentional. There are delays in communication as well as possibilities of miscommunication. The assumption that the one relaying the information is honest, responsible and able to manage potential challenges. Technology reduces dependency on the decision of those on the ground. People in the office can participate in the real-time decision-making process. Involvement of many parties in the evaluation process has reduced errors and improved efficiency.

Although some people feel technology has taken over responsibilities previously handled by humans, the benefit to businesses is undeniable. It has improved the relationship between office and field personnel through enhanced communication, relaying of accurate information and an increase in efficiency. The outcome of this has been the success of the business through increased revenue and customer satisfaction.



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Know All About Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR or Automatic Number Plate Recognition system is seen to deter, disrupt and detect the occurrence if a crime either at a local or national and regional level and also include tracking traveling criminals, terrorists and Organized Crime Groups. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System offers evidence and lines of inquiry by investigating crimes and is used by law enforcement forces of many countries in the Western world including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

If your company is looking for an access control system, you should consider ATT Systems Access Control System as they have been in the industry for many years.

Retention of stored data and accessing it

Police forces of countries engage help from ANPR cameras for submitting copies of vehicle registration details to the relevant authority on a daily basis. The ARPN data of all the police forces are stored together for a period of time. Usually, there are proper rules and guidelines for controlling access to ANPR data for making sure that the access is being used only for the process of legitimate investigation. Staff members should only be able to have an access to the ANPR data when there is the proper relevance of it to their present assignments or roles, even if they are given permission to access such sensitive data via a access control system , it should be ideally granted for a specific time period, which is typical for a short duration. However, certain senior officers could be given permission to access the ANPR data for a longer duration.

How can the ANPR data be helpful in an investigation?

Analysis of ANPR data can reveal if any vehicle associated with a notorious criminal was at the particular site while the crime took place. This information can help in wrapping up the investigation faster. The moment any vehicle comes within the orbit of an ARPN camera, the latter captures its registration number and it is checked immediately.

Location of APRN cameras

These cameras often amount within the vehicles of the cops. But they are also positioned at certain fixed sites for detecting and disrupting crimes. Usually, the details of these cameras are not shared with the public as a security measure since such a disclosure will reduce the effectiveness of ANPR for the police force.

Usually, an in-depth assessment of the suitability of a new location is undertaken by the police force before deploying any new ANPR camera. The cops can also consult about this with the relevant stakeholders before making the final decision on the sites. The agencies in charge of enforcing the law also review the site of these cameras on a regular basis to ensure the justification of the deployment always.

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How Queue Management Can Benefit Your Bank

In recent years, bank queue system in Singapore have become highly popular as they offer a host of benefits for your business. They are beneficial not only for your staffs and customers but also for an organization’s management.

As far as the customers are concerned, the biggest challenge has always been how to bring down the waiting time so that they experience a relaxed waiting environment and make sure that the time to wait is spent in a useful manner.

It is critical that the level of stress and errors are reduced for the staff while acknowledging their efforts and increasing their motivational level is very crucial. Management of any business should have several key goals including the need to increase sales, improve productivity of their employees and retaining customer loyalty. With a smart queue management solution, all these challenges can be easily countered so that constant business growth can be propelled.

Some of the ways in which a good queue management system can benefit your business are as follows:

Helps in creating an environment of fairness and comfort for its customers

A smart system can allow customers to keep their sequence in a queue even while they are busy with some other important activity or are seated in a comfortable position.

Helpful for tacking flow of your customers and projects- This is a crucial benefit for your business as it is helpful in building strategies for addressing the changing needs of the customers like identifying the pattern of customer inflow so that there are adequate staffs even during the peak time periods.

Increased monitoring of employee performance

When a queue management system is effectively used, it is easy and quick to access the performance of your employees so that you can get a prompt response whenever required.

Important statistical reports can be generated

A good Queue Management System is able to generate daily, as well as, monthly analytical and statistical reports that are crucial to help the management for making important decisions.

Enhanced reliability

In case your system is experiencing a downtime or there is a power failure, constant backup of data is possible using a proper Queue Management Solution so that service automatically resume from where it got paused. That means you do not have to worry about lost data.

Improved morale of employees and increased productivity

When the operations of any business are streamlined, there is a sense of new level of enthusiasm, vigor and excitement resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity. Your staff can be motivated for maintaining a proper work standard.

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Why You Should Have a Mobile App even If You’re Not in Sales

Why You Should Have a Mobile App even If You’re Not in Sales


Mobile Apps – They are how we connect our lives with each other and with systems on a daily basis. The most used apps – Facebook, Gmail, Google Chrome, just to name a few, take on a majority of the time we spend on mobile apps. However, you will realize that despite not asking you to buy from them outright, they are still the biggest companies in the world.

The reason why they are so big is because they focused on reaching out to consumers and developing a presence in the market first. This is also the same strategy you should focus on if you want to grow your company big.

If you are looking for an ERP or enterprise app for your company, you should consider Orangekloud. They offer a wide variety of software for your company’s operations and is rated one of the top in Singapore. You should check them out above.

In All Business blog, Melanie Haselmayr writes:

Statistics show that the average American spends more than two hours a day (!) on his or her mobile device. While probably only a handful of applications make up the bulk of this total usage, it doesn’t change the fact that each user has to unlock, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they’re looking for. Being “in the way” can be an advantage to your company, as our mind unconsciously does record every image and text (or well-designed app icon!) it comes across — even if it happens unnoticed.” Read more here!

There is a saying that it is better to be out there doing something that not doing it at all. In this scenario, it is very true. When you have an app about your company, you have a presence in the industry you are in. Rarely have companies become successful by not being visible. The more visibility your company has, the larger your audience base for your company there is.

Now, let us look at how you should decide what kind of purpose your app should have. Buildfire blog writes:

The Freeman Company provides services for events and trade shows to various businesses. They built an app called Concierge Elite in an attempt to improve customer service. Customers can also avoid lines, order equipment for their booth, and get shipping notifications for their freight. Concierge Elite boosted The Freeman Company’s positive customer service feedback by 300%.” Read more here!

Hence, the purpose behind building an app for your company is important. Yes, you want to create presence for your company, but what is the value you are providing for people? If your app has value that people will want to use, you don’t even need to hard sell future customers if you were to sell a product in the future. For example, Facebook is free to use, but it managed to generate profit by offering advertisers space to place advertisements. Advertisers were very convinced in the value that Facebook can bring in advertising the minute Facebook started advertisements.

Lastly, building an app might be costly, especially if you are just taking your baby steps in creating a non-sales app just to market your company. Cuberto writes on what you should look out in a vendor:

Research, analytics, and wireframing. Usually our clients approach us with a brief of the mobile app’s conceptual components. At this point, we help the client finalize a list of functions, prepare technical tasks, and create a prototype with well thought out interactivity logic (UX).” Read more here!

When approaching a vendor, you need to receive concrete plans on how they intend to translate your ideas into a real app. Even design aspects need to be quantified in user terms or how it will benefit the user. There should be no element left to ‘free will’ except for aspects like choice of colour or font text to use. Even for that, the designer needs to communicate why and how that choice is beneficial. The less the vague aspects, the more accountable it becomes and the better the picture of how you are spending your money.

In conclusion, getting visibility for your company is a task that you need to work with a vendor closely to develop. You should not expect them to develop everything for you if you cannot provide a good reason for creating the app or a good idea on the unique value of the app. But if you manage to figure these out, the rest should be smooth-sailing.

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Choosing The Right Camera For Intelligent Traffic Management System

Traffic management is a very crucial job that requires finesse to ensure that that no rules are broken and that all laws are followed. Choosing the right camera for intelligent traffic management system directly influences the success of the system. Insufficient sensitivity, too much background noise and inaccurate timing can all affect the output and the reliability of data provided by a traffic management system. Various factors need to be considered while selecting the right camera to ensure data accuracy for applications such as Red Light Enforcement, Automated Tolling and Automated Speed Enforcement. The ITS must ensure that the imaging system and their output is reliable, versatile, easily operable and enforceable in order to be a success.

Visit for a good example.


It is advisable to use industrial grade cameras for ITS applications. Industrial cameras usually come equipped with electronic shutters which are effective and useful even in the absence of a moving mechanical component. They are also engineered more effectively for continuous usage for reliability of the intended application.

The camera chosen for intelligent traffic management must have the potential to deliver outstanding performance in severe conditions and environments such as rain, snow or fog. The changing weather conditions or environmental factors must not hinder with the output. In addition, the camera must have an appropriate dynamic range. Resolution is one of the most important factors when choosing a camera for ITS. However, sensitivity also plays an important role and it is important that there is a balance maintained between resolution and sensitivity so that the output doesn’t get affected.

Ease Of Operation
A camera that can be operated with minimum configuration and easily integrated into an ITS application is very much recommended. The application can easily be mounted using a standard plug-and-play interface. Similarly, the drivers of the camera must also be equally powerful to allow for stable integration with the operating system of the application. There must also be minimum physical impact as well as effort for installation in the area chosen. Moreover, the camera itself and any additional equipment must be placed in a single enclosed space.

An intelligent traffic management system needs to be enforceable under the legislation of the local jurisdiction to become viable. In some places, the cameras must have a more deterministic triggering mechanism so that the resolution is good enough to capture a clear picture of the license plates across multiple lanes.

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Advantages and Challenges with Hyper-Convergence

The world’s technology has really improved over time. A lot of technological advancements have been made and one of these is the hyper-convergence. Hyper-convergence or hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system that is largely software-defined with tightly integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources (WebopediaTech). In this article, we are going to some of the advantages and benefits of hyper-convergence.

One vendor that offers Hyper Converged Infrastructure is Hitachi ICT. They offer a multitude of other IT services that you can approach their knowledgeable consultants on. If you are serious about equipping your company with those solutions, you should check Hyper Converged Infrastructure with Hitachi ICT out.


To start, Nicolas Brodeur will give us three compelling advantages of hyper-converged systems.

Three compelling advantages of hyper-converged systems

We recently talked about converged infrastructures, also known as integrated systems, and how these environments help break down silos within companies.

There is another level in virtualized environmentsthat surpasses the expectations of all otherinfrastructures, and these are hyper-converged systems.

 Difference between convergence and hyper-convergence

A converged system is a set of components (servers, storage devices, network) combined in an infrastructure solution powered by software and a unified management platform. Among thesolutions that permit this unified management, the most recognized are Cisco UCS and IBM Flex.  Yet even though the range of services is controlled from a single management console, the hardware infrastructure components remain separate.

A hyper-converged system includes the same components (server, storage and network) in a single chassis with a layer of management and automation. In hyper-converged systems, the design of the environment is devised in a cluster. In this environment, each node has access to the storage of all the other nodes. Read more here.

There are three advantages of hyper-converged infrastructure mentioned by Nicolas above and these are all about a better density, a better performance, and the ease of management and simpler scalability. For additional advantages of hyper-converged technology, let us look into an article by Acrodex. They will also give us their top three.

Top 3 Advantages of Hyper-Converged Technology

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: A Shape Of Things To Come

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology is beginning to gain traction among IT professionals as an effective all-in-one virtualization solution. While it’s still relatively in its

infancy, the idea of a single physical appliance that combines storage, servers, and network—managed through a high level of software automation—is difficult to resist.

The data shows that while there is already a fair amount of adoption, the technology enjoys plenty of room for growth. According to a survey of almost 550 IT professionals conducted by Actual Tech Media and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 33% of respondents have deployed hyper-converged infrastructure, while 46% are considering it.

While it’s far from mainstream, Gartner analysts predict the technology will grow 79% to reach almost $2 billion in sales, making it one of the fastest-growing segments of the integration market.

Virtualization is the cornerstone of hyper-converged. VDI products such as HPE Hyper-Converged 380offer a wide variety of benefits to organizations looking to making their IT operations run more efficiently. Read more here.

So according to the article above, we should choose to have have a hyperconverged technology because its advantages include reduced costs, streamline IT operations, and high availability. Next up, we are not just going to tell you more about the benefits of hyper-convergence, but the challenges and use cases as well. Let us read about it in John Moore’s article below.

Hyper-convergence: Benefits, challenges and use cases

Hyper-converged technology offers computing, storage, networking and virtualization in a unified package.

This approach aims to challenge traditional three-tier data center architecture in which servers, storage arrays and networking equipment are purchased independently and managed via platform-specific administrators. Hyper-convergence benefits include easier acquisition, smaller footprint and simplified management

While the size and management advantages are fairly straightforward, the economic benefits of hyper-converged technology are a little harder to pinpoint. That’s particularly the case when it comes to a hardware comparison: Some industry executives believe the cost of hyper-converged hardware offerings may be somewhat less expensive than conventional hardware, but not significantly so. Others question whether any hardware savings exist. Read more here.

The benefits of hyper-convergence really depend on you. It depends if it does make a difference in your organization. You have to be keen enough to identify. On the other hand, one major challenge experienced in hyper-convergence is the cost. Some think that it is not significantly less expensive for some reasons. There would really be advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to you to decide if it will benefit your company more. Think about it well to end up with the right decision.

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Benefits of Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Have you already heard of Microsoft Dynamics 365? Well, Microsoft Dynamics is actually a combination of two categories of solutions which are the ERP and the CRM. SherWeb also explains that dynamics 365 gives your team the tools to take in new clients efficiently, to maintain existing relationships, and to cut down on time wasted jumping between different platforms to find the right information to empower every member of your team. Today, we’re going to talk about why we should Microsoft Dynamics 365.

One vendor for Microsoft Dynamics is Hitachi ICT. Hitachi ICT Microsoft Dynamics is a Microsoft Dynamics partner Singapore who are established in this field and they have consultants whom you can enquire with regarding the solutions your company requires. If you are serious about a solution for your company, you should check them out at their site.

In an article by Alfa People, we are going to read about ten great benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – 10 great benefits for your company

There has been a lot of fuzz about Microsoft Dynamics 365. Would you like to get the solution and its benefits explained in a few, simple words? I put together 10 great benefits that should explain it quite simply. But let’s first have a quick look at what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all about.

So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that offers all that you need for CRM and ERP, in one place. It basically unifies these capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across:

  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Field service
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Project service automation Read more here.

Something that is really admired about Dynamics 365 is its simplicity. The ease of use is also one good factor about it. There are no complicated stuffs to understand because you can easily do things such as searching for what you need. In addition, Preact CRM will give us ten more reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines powerful servicing, sales and marketing tools to give you a clear view of all your customers: from initial contact to post-sale support.

With tools to enhance any business process, insightful real-time reporting and seamless Outlook integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organisations of all sizes transform productivity through digital transformation.

Available as a cloud service, D365 fits each unique business requirement and adapts as your priorities change. Read more here.

One good reason given above is that you could do business anywhere. Given the fact that you can access it online, you can use any device that you want, phones or computers, as long as you have an internet connection. It is more convenient this way. Now, Cargas will tell us about the advantages and why businesses should choose Dynamics 365.

Why Microsoft CRM? The Advantages of Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has offered growing and mid-market organizations a powerful solution to manage business relationships. With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the end of 2016, Microsoft extended the core functionality of its CRM solution, offering businesses new and enhanced tools to transform their sales, marketing, and customer service processes.

The practical functionality of Dynamics 365 CRM allows employees to be more productive and knowledgeable and offers executives deeper insight into performance, opportunities, and customer relationships. The sales automation, customer service, and project service modules align to streamline the way businesses communicate with customers, prospects, and team members.

Why do businesses choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM over the competition? It’s fairly simple:

  • Its familiar and intuitive user interface ranks among the highest in user adoption.
  • Its connection with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps, offers a huge advantage. Read more here.

We all know that Microsoft is widely used worldwide and as mentioned above, its connection with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, and PowerApps, offers a huge advantage for different purposes. Those are just some of the benefits we could have. We should choose it and we would definitely experience more of its advantages.


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Benefits and Challenges of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

A lot of things have now been better and better because of the advancements in technology. Speaking about technology, there are really a lot of improvements and upgrades in the world of technology right now and it is undeniable that it helps people a lot. Say for example, the hyperconverged infrastructure which is what we are going to talk about today.  We are going to know more about its benefits and the challenges that come with it as well.

One vendor that offers Hyper Converged Solutions is Hitachi ICT. They offer a multitude of other IT services that you can approach their knowledgeable consultants on. If you are serious about equipping your company with those solutions, you should check Hitachi ICT Hyper Converged Infrastructure out.


In an article by Exemplify, we are going to read about some of the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructures.


For most businesses today, it is important to see where efficiencies can be improved. Because of the numerous benefits it offers, many companies have already looked at moving to the cloud. However, hyperconverged infrastructure is also getting a fresh look as business owners seek more efficient means of improving workflows and creating streamlined processes.

IDC found that the hyper converged systems market hit $2.6 billion last year. That number is expected to hit $6 billion by 2020, making it a mainstream process as more businesses realize the benefits a hyperconverged infrastructure offers.

Almost 60 percent of CIOs are poised to invest in hyperconverged infrastructure. 

This represents a fairly substantial boost compared to CIOs who were interested in hyperconvergence in previous years. But what’s causing this jump? One reason is the cloud. Businesses see hyperconvergence as a way of gaining control. When compute, networking, and storage are connected, companies have more control. More control is gained over cybersecurity as well. Read more here.

So according to Exemplify, hyperconverged infrastructures are easy to implement and manage. You just have to plug them in and flip the switch, and then you are ready. Another thing is that costs are lower comparing them to the traditional ones. In addition, Karen J. Bannan will give us more of the real-world benefits of hyperconverged infrastructures.

 Real-World Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The storage area network just wasn’t cutting it for Agropur, US Operations.

“Cost and performance were big concerns,” says IT Supervisor Caleb Holmstrom, recalling conversations the IT team for the dairy processor had two years ago when it began rethinking its storage environment. “We wanted to get away from the SAN we were using because it was a single system chunk that you had to carve out LUNs. The technology wasn’t keeping pace with our needs. We needed something more cost-efficient and that had better redundancy.”

At the time, Agropur had a SAN with two direct-attached storage arrays using serial and iSCSI connections. Simply adding more arrays wasn’t a long-term fix.

“We temporarily added more arrays before looking for a long-term solution,” says Holmstrom, who works at the cooperative’s facility in La Crosse, Wis. (The North American dairy processor Agropur Cooperative, headquartered in Canada, began its expansion into the United States about eight years ago.) Read more here.

IT Supervisor Caleb Holmstrom said that hyperconvergence allows better redundancy and it cheaper. So if we run out of space or if it gets too big, all we have to do is buy another server or some hard drives. Hyperconvergence really has a lot of benefits to it; however there are also some challenges that come with it. Marcia Savage will tell us about it.

Hyperconvergence Benefits Come With Challenges

Study highlights top drivers for enterprise adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure and emerging pain points.

Enterprises are adopting hyperconverged systems at a rapid clip to reduce costs and overcome the complexity of traditional storage infrastructure. However, as companies reap hyperconvergence benefits, deploying the technology isn’t exactly a cake walk.

Those are the top findings of a new report from Technology Business Research, a market research and consulting firm. TBR analysts surveyed 202 enterprise IT and business leaders and also conducted a dozen in-depth interviews to gauge the state of the hyperconvergence market and customers’ experience with the technology.

TBR estimates the market for hyperconverged platforms will grow at a 53% CAGR between 2015 and 2020, reaching $7.2 billion. “We expect that this investment will increasingly come at the expense of legacy infrastructure,” Krista Macomber, TBR senior analyst, told me in an interview. Read more here.

Despite all the benefits that we are having from hyperconvergence, there are also some challenges attached to it. According to a survey conducted, internal resistance to change was the top challenge associated with hyperconvergence. When shifting to a new system, a lot of changes should really be done. We have to understand this because we are undergoing something that will make things better. Let us just think of the benefits it will give us and everything will be fine.

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Learn All About Konverge Retail POS

Retailers have already loved this amazing platform. Take advantage of this great system and offer to your store an outstanding branding. For all single stores but for all chain stores as well, a POS for retail can provide you inventory details, while keeping all the customers information and purchase history. It is so easy to use, that the stores manager, as well as any other employee, will find no difficulty in using.

Say Goodbye to Old Methods

Phone or email still allows one small percentage of errors and mistakes during any manual order. This POS system minimizes the risk of these rather costly mistakes, that seem like no one can really avoid. Small as they may seem, this mistakes from an annual perspective are actually a lot more harmful than one might think. Why risking these mistakes still, when you can have your own computing system? POS softwares for retail updates automatically, eliminates any risk of double orders and other such mistakes.

Retailers for example can use a emenu on an ipad to get customer’s feedbacks.

Benefits of a POS system for retail.

This functional platform will provide you with great inventory knowledge, that human factor sometimes alter. All customers will receive the ultimate service experience and will be able to find exactly what they were looking for. Make some otherwise difficult and demanding tasks, in half the time. Multi-pricing, discounts, and promotions will become an extremely easy task, once you start working with the best retail POS system.

Returns and Refunds

All retail stores employees spend a large amount of their time dealing with returns and refunds. This is because most stores have a poor history system. With this POS system, this time will be significantly reduced. Track down the purchases history and complete the transaction saving you and your customers valuable time. Check each consumers history and find out what he is looking for, and what are his specific preferences and needs. This is a rather helpful tool in order to have more satisfied customers.

Stock Movement

One of the most important aspects in every stores management is the stock movement. It is this area that often causes a lot of trouble, and it is the source of many mistakes and miscalculations. By using this POS, you will find out that no such mistakes will occur again. This system can track down all of your stock products and make sure all information is computerized. This way, whenever there is a stock movement, the system is automatically updated, and you have the clearest view of all your available products. Save your store from many unwanted orders or items you could have sold but instead stayed there.

Introduce your business to this amazing new technology and learn all about this magnificent POS system. Be one of the most successful retail stores in the city and have complete control over your business. Whether you are a manager or an owner, the proper function of the store should be of outmost importance to you.

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Criteria for Choosing a Good Video Surveillance System

It is important to decide what your actual requirements are for a video surveillance system. If you ask this question to a reputable security professional, they will respond by saying features like high quality and sharp images, real-time video, Analytics software, greater camera coverage, retrieving of the video footage with minimal intervention from the IT department personnel and fast search are crucial. Here are some of the factors you should consider before opting for a video surveillance system.

Do you want the video cameras to be noticeable or they should be discreet?

The kind of details you want to monitor or the location will actually ascertain if you require discreet or obvious cameras. An example of an obvious camera is if the camera is a Box Camera, which reminds folks that monitoring is going on. On the other hand, if you want discretion, you can go in for Dome Cameras since they are tiny and shaped like a half dome. In fact, the sizes of the ultra-compact models are extremely small and can even fit in your palm. Finally, Pan Tilt Zoom or PZT cameras are apt to monitor large sites but can follow the subjects quite easily.

Video storage in multiple tiers

It is also important to determine the amount of storage space required for supporting a video surveillance system. The question is not quite difficult to answer. It depends on the number of video cameras that need to be installed, the duration for which the video clips need to be retained and the kind if cameras you need to use. For instance, HD or High-definition cameras need greater data storage space as compared to analog cameras.

The kind of detailing and the amount of image clarity required

The quality of resolution that you will require depends on the area you need to monitor. In case, you need to monitor a smaller space like a reception area or an office, a camera even with low resolution will suffice. Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule that a camera with the highest resolution will be always ideal in all situations.

Are you planning to install the cameras outdoor or indoor?

Majority of today’s surveillance cameras are designed for use indoor as well as outdoor. But, it is still imperative to look for attributes like housing and mounting. If you need to use your video surveillance system in an extremely cold area, you should opt for a camera that features a durable body and also comes with an inbuilt heater. This will ensure that the camera has the capability to operate and start even in extreme temperatures.

For instance, in the transport sector, you need to go for a robust surveillance system that can function well even in harsh and adverse weather conditions.

A video survellance system compliements the iris recognition system as a security bundle for both commercial and privacy service offering.

More information on this cutting edge technology can be found here


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SAP ERP – The Ideal Solution for Financial Management

With the advancement of technology on each passing day, the need to be efficient and do less time-consuming activities is on the rise. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is then the ideal software as it helps to achieve both. The software is continuously adapting to the newest requirements and demands and can now be accessed even while you’re on the go, on your mobile/tab devices. Singapore is a global financial hub with not only the biggest companies located here, but also small and medium companies aiming for a global presence.

For companies located here particularly, efficiency is a must especially when it comes to managing finance as transactions aren’t necessarily local. Managing finance and accounts can be a mind-boggling affair especially when slight mistakes can lead you to incur big losses.

Why SAP for financial management:

It helps your company Being a sap partner to integrate processes from various departments to produce one financial result. Whatever work any department is working on, either independently or in collaboration with another department, their budgets, expenses, etc all get accumulated in one place. In the case of manufacturing goods, expenses incurred at each stage vs the actual budget, to what price the goods get sold at and whether overall you incurred losses or whether you made profit, all gets collected in one place. So though at each stage separate departments may have been involved, you get a single accurate database of the financial situation from one particular production or the entire year’s production.

This multichannel operation system helps to correct any major financial issue at an early stage since it provides real-time information. It could help in forecasting how much the final produced goods would cost the company and help in overcoming losses by planning ahead based on the prediction. This end-to-end information on profitability and margin helps in better decision making.

It provides complete coverage from planning to production to execution to marketing and finally the purchases made by the customer.

Every business trip made by every individual is recorded with expenditure. This helps to have tighter control on travel budget.

The biggest advantage perhaps is that the software has specific features that include varied tax rules and regulations of 40 countries

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for financial management of any company big or small but aiming high, is the best software solutions available in the market. However, ensure that only the best ICT solutions provider is consulted for the same.

More could be read here from an article by wikipedia. 

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POS Software Singapore The Advantages That Stem

The truth is that we live in particularly dynamic and rather challenging environment and its getting increasingly hard to catch up with the newest demands and trends. If you want to ensure that you stay on top of your competitors, you have to be proactively looking for solutions to better them. This means that you need to ensure that its important to be well aware of the current trends and also to stay well on top of them.

With this in mind, integrating a comprehensive point of sale software in your shop is without a doubt going to provide you with a tremendous amount of different advantages. Its important to understand that the Retail POS service offered by Konverge is going to provide you with a tremendous amount of interesting functionalities. It is basically a rather comprehensive platform used by retailers in order to deliver on the promises that the brand is actively making. It allows for splendid inventory visibility, seamless transactions as well as enhanced customer intelligence. Why would you need all that? Lets have a look.

Inventory Visibility

Contemporary retail store owners are well aware that keeping track of their inventory is game changing. This is something which is capable of saving you a significant amount of money and making you a nice amount as well. Properly visibility over your entire inventory means that you would be capable of identifying the items which are on demand yet missing as well as those which need to be cleared off with a promotion as they have been sitting in the store for quite some time.

This is all entirely possible thanks to the POS software in Singapore from Konverge.

Customer Intelligence

As well also mentioned, the Konverge POS software will also provide Singaporean store owners with the chance to contemplate at and take advantage of the particular customer behavior. This is something very important, and it needs to be accounted for. Keep in mind that having to deal with hundreds of customers also provides you with actionable information. For example, you might be able to track certain behavioral patterns which will allow you to better stock the venue next time.

Seamless Transactions

The POS Software in Singapore offers tremendously easier transactions. This is especially important, especially when it comes to a venue which is designated to be selling a significant amount of goods for a relatively short period of time.

In any case, its obvious that this is a smart integration and it needs to be accounted for, should you want your business to prosper. This is especially true for Singapore as this is a blooming and evolving market which is most definitely making significant leaps. The city has become one of the most rapidly evolving environments, and store owners and all kinds of other merchants need to ensure that they are well aware of the constantly changing situation and that they are also capable of adapting to it.

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Four Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Point of Sale System

The POS system is a perfect tool that allows you to see your business operations as they occur by allowing

you to engage with your customers via a self service kiosk . It, therefore, provides substantial evidence of all the transactions, inventories and customer buying habits. Besides smooth your service provision to clients, it assists in decision making since you are able to know what to do in regard to the statistics that are displayed by the POS. But how do you know that you are buying the correct POS machine? Not all POS systems can serve your business; you need to choose wisely to get an efficient working machine that is typical to your business.

1.What Features Are Important?

Different businesses have different requirements. For example, a restaurant POS might need a feature that enables it to be operated by multiple employees. This is because every employee in a restaurant serves clients separately. A coffee shop may need a feature that enables it to record the data of consumers so that the owner knows where the customers live and the kind of coffee they take so that home deliveries can be made. Depending on the nature of the business, POS systems require special features that will aid in smooth service provision to clients.

2.How Much Does the Machine Cost?

When it comes to cost of the machine, you should judge by the kind of features it has. Dont go for too cheap Singapore POS system that has incompetent features. You might get substandard statistics of your business operations. A POS should have inventory and customer tracking features, high-quality hardware, and a perfect software that can be integrated into a lot of devices for easy monitoring of the business. If the features are satisfactory, you can then look at the price.

3.Will it Protect You from Theft?

Theft comes in two ways. The first way is when your employees take things from the store without you knowing and the second way is when sales are not recorded or invoiced by your employees. Both of these ways bring you low profits or even losses. The POS software should be able to track the ordered stock and estimate the expected income in regard to the quantity of the product and cost per unit. Through this, it will tell you the number of products sold and the amount earned as well as telling you whether you have earned a profit or a loss.

4.Is It User-Friendly?

A POS system is supposed to smooth your business operations and enhance efficiency in service provision. If the point of sale is hard to use, that means you will have to take minutes before you manage to input data in the system. Through such delays, clients might get bored due to long queues as they wait to be served. This should not be the case which is why you should choose a user-friendly machine that will make you serve people appropriately and quickly.

To conclude, you need a satisfying POS system that will add value to your business.

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